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What attracted VinoLicious to Hensel wines?  Yes, their taste, yes, their clarity but also a quirky aeroplane on the logo alongside the names

of the wines in the collection each linked to flying.  We asked Thomas Hensel

why he chose titles linked to aviation. The answer was simple:

“Flying is my second passion”.


His first passion is wine. He farms 19 hectares in and around Bad Duerkheim where he prefers to harvest the ripe and healthy grapes manually.

In the cellar grapes are handled gently and aged on lees which produces elegant wines & accentuates their aromas.


Thomas Hensel and his young team created a wine collection

which reflects their hard work, eagerness to experiment, as well

as new creative, artistic ideas. The labels captivate through their design

and the quality of ‘Henselwein’ is mirrored in expressive letters.

The initials stand for the grape variety.


The wines have their unmistakable class. Thomas Hensel offers

four collections, “Liter” is simply a Litre of table wine,

not to be missed, and an everyday life pleasure without flourish.

"Aufwind” is German for ‘Upwind’, “Höhenflug" is German for

‘High altitude flight’, climb then peu a peu from the pret-a-porter

into the complex zones of the wine maker and

"Ikarus" the 'Haute Couture' in Hensel’s wine collection.


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