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The picturesque wine village Gimmeldingen, well-known in the Palatinate for its “Almonds Tree Festival”, which marks the beginning of the wine season,

lies just 3km south of the city of Neustadt on the Wine Route.


The Klohr’s, Christoph, Sabine and their two daughters are the third generation of vintners who have followed the family tradition with great passion.

Weingut Heinrich Klohr have made wine since 1792.


Christoph’s family, and his team, farm their grapes on their 25 hectares. A big percentage of Klohr’s Riesling and Burgundy grapes ripen in

the “Grosslage Gimmeldinger Meerspinne”. This is a large vineyard,

used by several vintners, which covers an area of 845 hectares.


The soil in the vineyard is sandy which radiates the heat. The slopes face the morning sun.  It allows the vine to absorb more sun. The more light the greater the amount of glucose the leaves produce for growth and ripening grapes. When we tasted Klohr’s whites; Rieslings, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio

and Pinot Gris, we felt, each is unique on the nose and palate.

We fell in love with them.


The Klohrs' effort to maintain their ambition to produce high quality wines and

to keep a great selection of reds is high. Klohr’s choice of red grape varieties

of Acolon, Dornfelder, through “Spätburgunder” Pinot Noir to Domina.

Christoph describes his Domina red wine as an extravagant partner

for different types of cheese. His recommendation is to drink the wine chilled.

Different but nice!


But ‘The Klohrs’ don’t just show great desire to their work in the vineyard

and wine cellar. They are also great supporters of the local wine festival

“Die Kerwe”. The Mayoress with this year’s local village wine princesses open the new harvesting season. This is the opportunity for the vintner to present

his wines accompanied with local cuisine.

It’s a great time to socialise, absorb the atmosphere and the wines.

What a fabulous way of life!

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