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Landau, in the Pfalz, is a market and university town surrounded by the Southern Wine Route, vineyards and wine-growing villages and it lies east of the Palatinate forest on the German Wine Route.


Weingut Leiner has been making wine for many generations. For Bruno Leiner the time to continue the family tradition of grape growing and wine making didn’t come fast enough. He never thought of anything else

to become except a vintner.


Weingut Leiner has 19 hectares of vineyards. They are situated in the Southern Wine Route around Landau and on the slopes at the bottom of the Pfälzer Forest. His grapes benefit from over 1900 hours of sunshine, mild climate and a range of soil from loess, clay, to shell limestone and variegated sandstone. Bruno Leiner's range of organic wines are of excellent quality!


We met Herr Leiner this late August on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a time when wine-growers are busy with lots of preparation work for the new harvest. He offered a glass of “Grauer Burgunder” Pinot Gris, dry, full-bodied, with a little spicy note followed by a “Dunkelfelder”, a deep-coloured red, with a hint of sour cherries and smooth tannins. When he talked about his wines,

his work in the vineyards and in the cellar, we were not only captivated

by the taste of his wine, but also his love, his passion,

his know-how and his smile.

We knew, we were in the right place and with great wines.


Bruno Leiner’s enjoys two passions, wines and spirits. He built a distillery, where he uses his own fruits like cherries, plums, pears, which you will find in abundance around the wine regions and makes fine spirits or liqueurs

with great care and style.




Did you know?


Every day of sunshine is increasing the degree of Oechsle for one degree.

1°Oechsle is 2.4g of sugar and

90°Oechsle is 11.5% alcohol.

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