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Wine Tasting in Advent

It was a lovely evening our second wine tasting at the Waterside Café in the Allendale Centre in Wimborne.

We swirled our glasses, educated our noses and palate. We tasted and compared Pinot Blanc with Pinot Gris & Riesling, savoured and discussed some fine reds. Because of Advent, we finished with a luscious dessert wine 2009 “Beerenauslese”, which we tried with, and then without Chocolate.

It was a great way to finish another great evening, and again we had a lots of fun and explored the world of wine. It was a good time to pick up a few presents, to stock up for the festive season and we agreed that private wine tasting parties can be a fantastic present for Christmas, birthdays or just to have a good time, shared with family & friends.

Thank you all for coming and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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