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Wine tasting in Wilton

The sold out wine tasting in Wilton Community Centre was just the perfect event for a summer evening. A great venue, wines, people & atmosphere, lots of fun + even the Belgian beer lovers loved the wines from Germany at the end.

Weather in Wilton was unbeatable on 22nd June, just right for Leiner's chilled ‘Rosé’, a blend of Pinot Noir, Dornfelder & Portugieser & Hensel's Sauvignon Blanc made in Germany, Neustadt/ Weinstrasse in the Palatinate.

We are looking forward to the Christmas wine tasting in Wilton.

A tasting with delicious white, rosé & red wine, Glühwein AND because it is Christmas, a real treasure Leiner's Pinot Gris Beerenauslese, a dessert wine perfect to finish off a Christmas meal or as a gift under the Christmas tree.

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