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Wine tasting in Wimborne & Wilton at Christmas

The sold out wine tastings at Poole Wine Circle, Wilton Community Centre & The Village Green at the Allendale Centre were the perfect combination to enjoy great wines & a hint of German Christmas.

The venues, the people, the Christmas atmosphere, of course the wines from the Palatinate from Glühwein, Weinbiet's "Gewürztraminer", Hensel's "Cuveé White", a fine blind of Muscadet & Sauvignon Blanc, Leiner's "Dornfelder" & Klohr's "Pinot Noir" to a very special Christmas treat Bruno Leiner's "Pinot Gris "Beerenauslese" from 2003 & of course German paté, fine local cheese & sour dough bread & the clip from the snow restaurant were ingredients for the wine tasting evenings, where the German wines convinced with their excellent taste, found new friends & new homes.

Karen & Barrie (master sommelier), who visited Bournemouth for Christmas + live in Nepals in Florida joined us at the Village Green Cafe on Friday 7th December. They wrote this blog about the tasting and became great friends.

All three tastings were evenings filled with conversations about wine, travel, food & god knows what, great comments about the wines of the evening and new friends were made; just fab!

Thank you, please come again and next time bring a friend.

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