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What convinced us to choose the cooperative “Weinbiet” in Mussbach, a district in the city of Neustadt on the Wine Route as our partner? It’s not just the use of modern technology, their know-how, passion & commitment in the vineyards and the cellar to produce top quality wines. We found the successful relationship among the vintners, the genial disposition, a great sense of humour very appealing.

This immediately made us feel part of the team.


80 vintners farm with great care and expertise on 320 hectares their vineyards in

the mild climate at the bottom of the Haardt Range of mountains which results

in 6 Million litres of wine a year.


With the start of the 2014 wine harvesting season the younger generation in “Weinbiet” has taken over.  Bastian Klohr, the new manager, and Tobias Müller, the wine maker, both 29, and their team are going to continue “Weinbiet’s” legacy and develop their next profile. This is the generation of the blogs, the tweets.

It allows the exchange of ideas and share good practice, not just locally but

from all over the world.


These ‘youngsters’ studied viticulture, but hands on experience is important too. They have worked in several cellars and travelled through the old and new world of wine through Italy, France, Austria and across South Africa. They are ambitious to use their gained expertise to produce signature wines which reflect the terroir

and enhance the many skills of the cooperative.


We are looking forward to their selection of wines from Premium wine to

the Edition Philipp Bassler; “Weinbiets'” finest, where extra grape diligence during the growing season and yield control of 60 litre per hectare are the standard

to guarantee best quality.


Did you know?


The 2012 Edition Philipp Bassler Riesling had been entered for the degustation wine competition organised by Wines of Germany. It came among the German’s Top 50 Wines.

The winners were announced in the May'14 issue of Harpers Wine & Spirit. The jury wrote:

„Savoury, dense, dry and serious. This is James Bond in Riesling form.

Rich without being fat.”

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